Projet de Coopération Tuniso-Egyptien

Production of Flavors and Antioxidants from Arabian Aromatic Plants via Encapsulation


      • Flavors (synthetic and natural) & antioxidants Production
      • Determination of chemical composition & antioxidant capacity
      • Encapsulation carrier and Spray Drying
      • Studying the effect of Storage on the Encapsulated Flavours/antioxidants
      • Studying the effect of the Encapsulated Flavours/antioxidants on health
      • Application of encapsulated flavors/antioxidants in food/or drug

II- Project Info

  • Coordinateur Dr. Samia DABBOU FMDM-BIOLIVAL (2014-2016)
  • Partenaire de recherche Egyptien National Research Center, Caire, EGYPTE