Publications de 2011

Publications dans des journaux internationaux avec facteur d’impact

Publications dans des journaux internationaux avec facteur d’impact

  • 1 –Ayed L., Achour S., Bakhrouf A. (2011). Application of the mixture design to decolourise effluent textile wastewater using continuous stirred bed reactor. Water SA, 37: 1–6.
  • 2 –El Arem A., Flamini G., Saafi E.B., Issaoui M., Zayene N., Ferchichi A., Hammami M., Helal A.N., Achour L. (2011). Chemical and aroma volatile compositions of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits at three maturation stages. Food Chemistry, 127: 1744–1754.
  • 3 – Hammami S., Bergaoui A., Bouzidi A., Ciavatta M.L., Cimino G., Abreu P.M. & Mighri Z. (2011). Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Flavonol Glycosides, Methyl linoleate and Fatty Acids from Anacyclus cyrtolepidioïdes (Pomel) Growing in Tunisia. Analytical Chemistry Letters, Vol.1, Issue 5-6: 384-392.
  • 4 –Lahouar L.,Ghrairi F.,El Felah M.,Ben Salem H.,Miled A.H.,Hammami M.,Achour L. (2011). Effect of dietary fiber of « Rihane » barley grains and azoxymethane on serum and liver lipid variables in Wistar rats.Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, 67(1): 15–26.
  • 5 –Jerbi M.A., Ouanes Z., Besbes R., Achour L., Kacem A. (2011). Single and combined genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of two xenobiotics wildly used in intensive aquaculture. Mutation Research, 724(1–2): 22–27.
  • 6 –Saafi E.B.,Louedi M.,Elfeki A.,Zakhama A.,Najjar M.F.,Hammami M.,Achour L. (2011). Protective effect of date palm fruit extracts (Phoenix dactylifera L.) on dimethoate induced-oxidative stress in rat liver. Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology,63(5): 433–441.
  • 7 –Trigui M., Gabsi K., Amri I.E., Helal A.N., Barrington S. (2011). Modular feed forward networks to predict sugar diffusivity from date pulp part I. Model validation International. Journal of Food Properties, 14(2): 356 – 370.
  • 8 –Zitari A., Tranchida-Lombardo V., Cafasso D., Helal A.N., Scopece G., Cozzolino S. (2011). The disjointed distribution of Anacamptislongicornu in the West-Mediterranean: The role of vicariance versus long-distance seed dispersal. International Association for Plant Taxonomy, 60(4): 1041-1049.

Publications dans des journaux indexés

  • 9 –Haj Amor B.M., Yacoubi M.T., El Kaouther-Sakli S., Lahouar L., Bakhrouf A., Quershi H.A., Achour L. (2011). Effect of olive oil and barley diets on the caecal mucosa histomorphology. Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 4(2): 147–152.

Publications dans des journaux nationaux

  • 10 –Ben Abdelkader H., Gafsi K., Boussaada O., Mahjoub M.A., Bel Haj Saleh K., Mighri Z., (2011). Allelopathic and antimicrobial activities of Rhaponticum acaule DC Growing in TUNISIA. TJMPNP; 5: xx-xx.
  • 11 –Edziri H., Mastouri M., Mahjoub M.A., Ammar S., Mighri Z., Aouni M., (2011). Antibacterial activity of ethyl acetate fractions of Retama raetam W. flowers Growing in Tunisia. TJMPNP; 5: xx-xx.
  • 12 –Edziri H., Mastouri M., Mahjoub M.A., Ammar S., Mighri Z., Gutmann L., Aouni M., (2011). Antioxidant activity of roots extracts of Marrubium alysson L. growing in Tunisia. TJMPNP; 5: xx-xx.
  • 13 –Gabsi K. Trigui M., Barrington S., Helal A.N. (2011).Mise au point d’un procédé chromatographique en continu de production de fructose à partir des dattes.MHA, vol. 23, 66 :56-61.
  • 14 –Saafi-Ben Salah E.B., El Arem A., Hammami M., Helal A.N., Achour L. (2011). Influence de la saison de récolte et du stockage sur les activités antioxydantes des dattes de l’espèce Phoenix dactylifera L. de TUNISIE. Tunisian Journal of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products, 6: 133-141.